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Reflecting and What Really Matters

Reflecting and What Really Matters

This post is intended to reflect on the markets over the past few weeks, to share how I’m thinking. I’m going to talk about Shopify, Terra and Family.


As of this writing, Shopify is down 75% YTD and in an 80% drawdown from its peak last year. I bought twice on the way down, around 950 and 700. No matter how much you talk about any business being great, or being a long term investor etc, this isn’t easy. I remember in the run-up during COVID talking to a friend, who said I should sell at 700. I thought I was a genius when it hit 1700. At it’s peak, Shopify was 20% of my investment portfolio and 15% of my net worth. Clearly that was a mistake not rebalancing, but it’s so hard to do that in the moment. I won’t let that happen again. I’m lucky the vast majority of my investing has been in passive ETFs, and that’s how I’ve been investing recently.


This is my first investment that’s a mark to 0. Thinking back at it, a stable coin backed my a volatile asset doesn’t really make sense. I owned some UST and some LUNA. When I sold my UST as the peg broke, I thought I was panicking late – but it was actually early. I got lucky, as I didn’t have a lot of money in the protocol, other people might not have been. I think the lesson here is if you are going to panic, do it quickly, and then move on. That’s what I’m doing. The money I recovered will be invested passively into the stock market. I’m still dollar cost averaging into Bitcoin and Ethereum, but I’m not sure if i’m going to take bets on other coins in the future.

What Really Matters

My grandfather is in the hospital. We think he’s going to be ok, but life hits you quick. Enjoy the moments you have with family, they are precious. Some people aren’t so lucky, as a Canadian, I’m truly blessed. I get to worry about the stock market and cryptocurrencies – how lucky am I. Family – That’s what matters.


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