Interview Scheduler

Stack: React, Webpack, Babel, Axios, WebSockets, Storybook

A React application that allows the user to create, edit and delete interview appointments.

  • We combine a concise API with a WebSocket server to build a realtime experience.
  • Data is persisted by the API server using a PostgreSQL database.
  • The client application communicates with an API server over HTTP, using the JSON format.
  • Jest tests are used through the development of the project.


The Scheduler Application
A new form is shown when adding a new interview
When a user hovers over an existing interview, edit and delete buttons become visible and active. The background also changes.
When clicking the edit button, the current data is shown and can be altered
When clicking the delete button, the user is shown a confirmation window before completing the destructive action
Theme: Overlay by Kaira